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Residential development land is always in demand but the process of obtaining planning and achieving maximum value from it can be complex and expensive. There has never been a more important time to work with our experienced, specialist team to guide you through the planning and development maze.

Our mission is to help you unlock the potential of your land by providing sound advice and a realistic plan to achieve your development goals. This strategy will deliver you invaluable guidance from the initial feasibility stage right through to the building out or disposal of your development once planning permission has been granted.

There are many aspects that will require expert consideration within the process including planning policy, costs / valuation, timescales and the differing methods for the ultimate disposal of your land such as subject to planning or option based agreements. Our experience of such transactions will be invaluable as we navigate the process together.

Whatever your own level of experience and wherever you find yourself in the process, get in touch and we can work together to ensure your land reaches its maximum potential.

Where are you currently in the process?

  • Does my land even have potential?
  • I’ve applied for planning before or I’m just about to
  • My planning permission is already agreed, refused or is still outstanding
  • I’m considering options now regarding site sale, building or other…
Rest assured we are always trying to add value and we do this by offering assistance in the following areas;
  • Immediate land acquisition and disposal of sites with outline or detailed planning consent
  • Advice and feasibility study work to establish the potential of land
  • Guidance on planning regulations and affordable housing requirements
  • Planning consultancy, architectural and other professional services
  • Initial consultation and advice with no commitment or cost
  • In-house project consultancy, offering a liaison between all key stakeholders including, landowner developer, solicitors, and professional consultants

Developers / Housebuilders


Strategic Land


Professional / 


We provide a range of expert advice and consultancy services for both landowners and developers. Below are some of the many ways in which we can be of service;
  • Land Disposals and Acquisitions
  • Strategic and Immediate Land Advice
  • Initial Feasibility and Advice of Planning Potential
  • Land Value Optimisation
  • Heads of Terms Appraisals and Negotiation
  • Option and Promotion Agreement Advice
  • Identifying Development Opportunities
  • Professional Survey and Architectural Services