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Strategic Land

Our Land & Development team thrive on identifying and assessing new strategic opportunities. We advise on all aspects of the process from early feasibility stages right through to planning and ultimately the disposal of your site.

If you believe that your land has development potential, regardless of its location or current use, we will use our experience and network of professional advisors to establish whether you have a viable strategic land opportunity. Your land may currently take a number of forms, perhaps agricultural, equestrian of even commercial but the potential for residential development may still exist.

We understand that establishing potential values and timescales will always be high on your agenda when assessing your land and we will discuss this with you in depth as part of any initial consultation. Land with successful Planning Permission will yield the highest return but the route to achieving this can be time consuming, expensive and is not without risk. For this reason, we always look at which pathway to planning will work best for you, whether that be undertaking the process yourself or potentially partnering with a housebuilder or developer at outset.

Once the preferred route has been established, we will manage the progression of all aspects of the complex planning cycle and ensure you are fully updated throughout. In doing so, we will enlist support from recommended Planning Consultants, Architects and where necessary, Highways, Ecological and other specialist consultants, covering every facet of your project and helping to unearth your land’s maximum potential.

If you have any initial questions or would like a no-obligation meeting to discuss your land, please contact us today and rest assured that everything will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Professional / Architectural




Developers/ Housebuilders


We provide a range of expert advice and consultancy services for both landowners and developers. Below are some of the many ways in which we can be of service;
  • Land Disposals and Acquisitions
  • Strategic and Immediate Land Advice
  • Initial Feasibility and Advice of Planning Potential
  • Land Value Optimisation
  • Heads of Terms Appraisals and Negotiation
  • Option and Promotion Agreement Advice
  • Identifying Development Opportunities
  • Professional Survey and Architectural Services